Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons
Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons
  • 저자 : story by Eric Litwin ; created & illustrated by James Dean
  • 출판사 : Harper
  • 발행연도 : 2012
  • ISBN : 9780062110589
  • 자료실 : [도곡정보] 어린이자료실
  • 청구기호 : WB 843-L782p
줄거리 소개

Pete has four groovy buttons.
While he plays, Pete loses all four buttons, leaving only his belly button. However, Pete continues to sing hopefully, not be grieved by the fact that all the buttons have been lost.

인상깊은 구절


I guess it simply goes to show that stuff will come and stuff will go. But do we cry? Goodness, no! We keep on singing.
(나는 잃어버린 버튼들이 물건은 오고 갈 것이라는 사실을 보여준다고 생각해요. 하지만 과연 우리가 울까요? 아니요! 우리는 계속 노래한답니다.)

인상 깊었던 이유


I thought this sentence was one of the lessons I learned in my life.
It was impressive that the author's idea of not being grieved for that you lose "one thing" was conveyed through Pete. grieved for that you lose "one thing".

*<언니오빠가 읽어주는 재미있는 영어 동화> 프로그램 선정 도서로  책 읽어주는  고등학생들이 직접 작성한 글입니다