(The)Girl Who Drank the Moon
(The)Girl Who Drank the Moon
  • 저자 : by Kelly Barnhill
  • 출판사 : Algonquin Young Readers
  • 발행연도 : 2016
  • ISBN : 9781616207465
  • 자료실 : [일원] 자료실
  • 청구기호 : 수 843-B262g
#달빛 마신 소녀
#2017 뉴베리 수상작

줄거리 소개

This book may not scream that it is a children’s book about adoption, but it is certainly a magical tale about a child who learns about where she came from.
Living with the magical witch in the forest, Luna grows up not knowing her own true power, but on her thirteenth birthday, it begins to come to light as she discovers who she is and where she belongs.