Keeping the City Going
Keeping the City Going
  • 저자 : [by] Brian Floca
  • 출판사 : Atheneum Books
  • 발행연도 : 2021
  • ISBN : 9781534493773
  • 자료실 : [일원] 자료실
  • 청구기호 : 그 843-F628k
<일원라온영어도서관 7~8월 북큐레이션_Armchair traveling>
주제: 책으로 떠나는 세계여행, 도서관에서 배우는 세계문화!

#팬데믹의 뉴욕
#멈춘 사회를 움직이게 하는 영웅들
#「도시를 움직이는 사람들」

코로나19와 팬데믹으로 인해 여행을 떠날 수 없고, 마치 멈춘 듯한 세계.
하지만 멈춘 듯한 도시를 움직이게 하는 일상의 영웅들이 있습니다.
세계의 상업과 문화, 예술의 중심지인 뉴욕에서 그동안 무슨 일이 있었을까요~?

줄거리 소개

Caldecott Award winner Brian Floca gives a heartfelt thank you to the essential workers who keep their cities going during COVID-19 quarantine in this tenderly illustrated picture book.

We are here at home now, watching the world through our windows. Outside we see the city we know, but not as we’ve seen it before. The once hustling and bustling streets are empty. Well, almost empty. Around the city there are still people, some, out and about. These are the people keeping us safe. Keeping us healthy. Keeping our mail and our food delivered. Keeping our grocery stores stocked. Keeping the whole city going. Brian Floca speaks for us all in this stirring homage to all the essential workers who keep the essentials operating so the rest of us can do our part by sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.