(A) Walk in London
(A) Walk in London
  • 저자 : by Salvatore Rubbino
  • 출판사 : Walker Books
  • 발행연도 : 2012
  • ISBN : 9781406337792
  • 자료실 : [일원] 자료실
  • 청구기호 : 그 843-R894w
<일원라온영어도서관 7~8월 북큐레이션_Armchair traveling>
주제: 책으로 떠나는 세계여행, 도서관에서 배우는 세계문화!

#영국, 런던!
#셜록 홈즈와 해리포터의 도시
#시계탑과 이층버스

엄마와 소녀가 런던의 상징 빨간색 이층버스를 타고 랜드마크를 따라 여행합니다.
아이들의 관점에서 바라보는 번화한 도시의 다채로운 색감을 표현한 책입니다.
런던에 대해 잘 아는 사람과, 방문하지 않은 사람들 모두에게 기쁨을 드릴게요!

줄거리 소개

A wide-eyed girl and her mother explore London's busy streets and towering views in this child-friendly tribute to an incomparable city.
London - the perfect place for a girl and her mother to spend the day!
Follow them as they board the classic red bus and begin a whirlwind tour of some of London's most iconic landmarks.
Try to climb the awe-inspiring lions at Trafalgar Square, take in the ritualistic "Changing of the Guard", experience the whispering gallery at St Paul's and - if you're lucky - you may even spot the Queen!

In this paean to Britain's bright and bustling capital city, Salvatore Rubbino's fresh, lively paintings and breezy text capture the delight of a young visitor experiencing the wonders of London first-hand.
And of course, what's London without a little rain?
This book is visually stunning, evoking all the colour and excitement of the capital from a child's perspective.
It is packed with nuggets of information about London that both enlighten and entertain.
It is a delight both to those who know London well and to those who have never visited.