Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon
  • 저자 : by Jason Chin
  • 출판사 : Roaring Brook Press
  • 발행연도 : 2017
  • ISBN : 9781596439504
  • 자료실 : [일원] 자료실
  • 청구기호 : 그 452-C539g
<일원라온영어도서관 7~8월 북큐레이션_Armchair traveling>
주제: 책으로 떠나는 세계여행, 도서관에서 배우는 세계문화!

#거대한 자연의 나라이기도 한 미국
#그랜드 캐니언

수천 년 동안 협곡 안에서 살고 진화해 온 놀랍도록 다양한 식물과 동물의 고향 그랜드 캐니언!

줄거리 소개

Rivers wind through earth, cutting down and eroding the soil for millions of years, creating a cavity in the ground 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and more than a mile deep known as the Grand Canyon.

Home to an astonishing variety of plants and animals that have lived and evolved within its walls for millennia, the Grand Canyon is much more than just a hole in the ground. Follow a father and daughter as they make their way through the cavernous wonder, discovering life both present and past.

Weave in and out of time as perfectly placed die cuts show you that a fossil today was a creature much long ago, perhaps in a completely different environment. Complete with a spectacular double gatefold, an intricate map and extensive back matter.